Mobile Dairy Classroom with Southland Dairy Farmers

(additional fee/no min age/from 12- 300 participants): This is one of the coolest farm activities on 6 wheels! Our friend, Mrs. LaVaun drives down from her farm with one of her favorite milking cows and gives us a demonstration on how cows are milked and what goes into to getting a glass of milk all the way to your refrigerator. But this isn’t just old school milking by hand. Mrs. LaVaun’s trailer has high tech milking equipment on it so you can see how cows are milked super quickly and humanely using modern technology. Not only is it cool to watch, but Mrs. LaVaun is a professional presenter and educator, so she knows what it takes to keep everyone engaged and excited. This activity costs an additional fee of $100 for a maximum of two, 1.5-hour sessions to directly support the Mobile Dairy Classroom.